December 27, 2016 admin

In today’s app-centric universe there seems to be an app for everything and craft beer is no exception. Not by a long shot. In fact there are quite a few to choose from for both iOS and Android. So which one should you use? (if any). Well that’s going to be based on personal preference and what they have to offer. Some are good for looking up beers when you’re in your own nirvana facing a wall of craft beers you’ve never tried. Some are good for a quick review and recording of beers you are drinking. Some are good…

May 22, 2016 admin

Welcome to the new Craft Beer Quest blog. Currently under construction as I work out my themes and what I want to achieve this time around. If you had previously visited my last site and liked it then I apologise. I felt I needed a fresh start and some new work. Hopefully this one will live up to expectations. If you have any suggestions please comment and let me know what you would like to see.