It’s probably pretty obvious, because I’m trying to maintain this blog about it, that I’m a craft beer fan. I really really like craft beer. I also love exploring the venues that are associated with this constantly growing jugger naught of an industry. I do this mostly around Queensland visiting venues and breweries as far afield as Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Ipswich, and of course the great Brisbane Area whenever I can. But I also indulge in interstate and overseas jaunts when possible.

I buy craft beer online, I pick up craft beer in bottle shops even if I don’t need any. I repped for a while and seemed to spend more money at my customers than I sold. But it was fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly and met some great people whom I became friends with and I still see around the place and have a chat and a beer with when I can.

I like craft beer so much my beautiful and very tolerant wife (because she hates beer) indulged me in a trip to Portland Oregon for my 50th. Yep it was all about the beer. From this trip my love of craft beer and the culture surrounding it grew even more and I wanted to somehow be more involved. Upon my return I googled blogs to keep up to date and found the wonderful 250Beers. This became the driving inspiration for me to create my own. After all I also loved playing with web sites and creating blogs from our trips as you would have seen so I thought I’d translate this over to the beer blogging scene. Darren at 250 was very forthcoming in meeting with me and chatting about his blog and I am forever thankful for that.

So I tried it. For a while. But time constraints, work and social aspects kept getting in the way, (as did outright laziness). And I started to believe that people preferred the snippets. The sound bite generation. Who wants to read long winded articles when you can see a quick 140 characters on Twitter, a nicely filtered image on Instagram, or a quick couple of words on a dedicated Facebook thread? So I left it to wither and die. Forgot to renew my hosting, forgot to save my site offline (rookie error) and settled for sharing my journey and persona via the former mentioned social media outlets.

But now I’m back. Sort of. I’m not sure if it’s the fun of writing about craft beer and associated aspects or the fun of playing with and tweaking my WordPress site that drives me. I’m not sure how long it will last this time. I’m not even sure half the time what to write that hasn’t been written. I guess I over think it to much and should just write what I want and if some people take time to read it and enjoy it or get something out of then I have achieved something.

So if you’ve got the patience of a saint and can bare long periods of inactivity then this may be the blog for you. Stay tuned and keep coming back, you might find something you like one day!

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